Recent work


Currently my aesthetic pursuit draws heavily from the research on functionalism and the fusion of the artistic and the decorative into a total art that the Bauhaus so radically raised to our contemporaneity.

In this sense, several of my artworks draw compositions that refer to certain formal aspects of modern architecture and design in combination and contrast with various forms and materialities. In the form of sculptural installations or ensembles, some of them may suggest an accessory utility, a spare architecture, and, combined with their arrangement in a given space, may evoke or simulate interiors, environments, or potentially habitable spaces.

I have been exploring specific perceptual contrasts: soft vs. hard, straight vs. curved, opaque vs. transparent, to name a few. In this way, I am projecting a series of works with structural parts and pure geometric forms, rigid bodies in dialogue with soft, flexible materials, exploring the peculiarities and qualities of each material.

Linking the material substance of a rock, a tree trunk, an amorphous organic mass with industrialized objects such as metal and glass, as well as its transformation according to behaviors and attitudes, like pressure, tension / suspension between them.

These would be shaped with basic geometric elements, linear and planar metal, glass and wood structural forms, as well as soft materials such as fabric, clay, cables / ropes most pristine bodies like logs, rocks, etc.


Past works

My area of research is the abstraction, particularly from the geometry, its importance in my work is radical. I understand abstraction as a "power", a driving engine infinitely free. It is a research field large enough to provoke plurality of particular questions to who is immersed in it. I think immersion, and if I should represent this subject in some way, would be through the "sea".  I like to think this analogy, geometric abstraction: sea.  In this way, geometry arise me as a fluid substance, where abstraction is the aesthetic observation mode that best sails it.

Geometry as a network to capture reality as well as a net is used to catch some fish in the sea, geometry is that with its elements and, in all that space, gives us the necessary tools for the creative flow.

While developing my artwork, I’ve had the necessity to incorporate concrete physical and “objectual” elements to establish a dialogue with walls, and floors, and angles of certain spaces, following an architectural idea, coupled and articulated with the exhibition space. 

I am interested in going out to meet the space, establishing spatial and formal relationships with the shadows and their materiality, making surfaces and physical frontiers of the space more subjective, making it formally, visually and perceptually infinite. 

In some cases, I work with a series of “object pieces” made up by basic geometric elements: volumes, planes and lines, elaborated with simple materials, in order to continue with the idea of space as a main character. 

Some of this works are built in modules, in a way as to adapt to different exhibition spaces, and allow me to combine them differently according to the space where they will be deployed. 

The aim is thus to guide the look to other sectors of space. The corners and angles are there to be tapped, I am particularly interested that certain works can fit, or demarcate those forgotten, virgin points of the exhibition space. Again, in analogy with the "sea", the space offers generously in all its vastness, endless possibilities to explore, illusory, virtual, accessory connections... You can lose yourself, dive, surface, sink, and finally float.

That series I have been working on account for my last research into the unlimited possibilities offered by the space as support for the artwork, and as building tool.



Marcolina Dipierro’s works draw compositions that ref or remit some formal aspects of modern architecture and design in combination and contrast with diverse forms and materialities. At present, its aesthetic search, in the form of sculptural or joint installations, is based largely on the investigation of functionalism and the fusion of the artistic and the decorative into a total art that has so radically elevated the Bauhaus to our contemporaneity.

She was born in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, Argentina, obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National School of Fine Arts "Prilidiano Pueyrredón". In 2001 he made his first solo exhibition Siluetaje in Sonoridad Amarilla and since then she has participated in different art fairs, collective and individual exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.

Among her recent solo exhibitions are, in 2010, "En Planograf "Galería Zavaleta Lab, in 2011, performs "En ángulo", Recoleta Cultural Center; 2012 "En cuadro", in the Gallery Jorge Mara La Ruche; on February 2014,

"Circle" at Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery, Miami, FL. USA, and on August of the same year "Interrupted Line", Sayago & Pardon Collection, Harris Center for the Arts, Folsom, CA, USA. In 2015, it presents its last individual exhibition titled "In triangle", in the Del Paseo Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Some of the last participations in collective exhibitions were, in 2010 "RAM", Fundación PROA, Bs.As, Argentina; "Subtropical Affairs Agency", (EAC), Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2012; In 2014 "Dirty Geometry", Mana Contemporary, Miami, FL, USA, "The theater of painting", MAMBA, and "Cromophobia" MACBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2016 she participates with 3 bodies of works in "EPSILON, Abstracciones Descentradas", MACBA, Bs. Argentina, and is part of "The thought and the matter", Cartuja de San Jacobo (Certosa di San Giacomo), Capri. Italy.

She has received the Prize for the Cultural Equality Contest in 2013; The Scholarship for the creation of the National Fund for the Arts in 2015 and in 2016 is awarded the Lucio Fontana Scholarship.

In 2017 she is selected to participate in the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in South America.

Her works are part of private and public collections, among them, Castagnino- MACRO de Rosario-Santa Fe, Argentina, Collection Supervielle Bank, Argentina, Collection MAMBA, Buenos Aires -Argentina, Collection MACBA, Buenos Aires -Argentina, Sayago & Pardon, Los Angeles, USA.

At age 40, she lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Born in Chivilcoy, Province of Buenos Aires, April 10th,1978. Graduated from the Faculty of Painting,
Fine Arts National School "Prilidiano Pueyrredón"(under the IUNA dec.1404/96). 



2018  Cabinet at ARTEBA ArtFair, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

2017 “Funcionalismo inútil”, Miranda Bosch Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

2015  “En Dos”, Del Paseo Gallery, Lima, Perú / “In triangle”, Del Paseo Gallery, Punta Del Este, Uruguay 

2014 "Interrupted Line", Sayago & Pardon Collection, Harris Center for the Arts, Folsom, CA, USA  

“In circle” Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery, Miami, FL, USA 

2012 “Frame”, Jorge Mara La Ruche Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2011 “At an angle” Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2010  "Protagonic Paper", Oficina Proyectista/  “In Planograf”, Zavaleta Lab Gallery, Bs.As, Argentina 

2007  "Colour and Consecuences", Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MACRO), Rosario, Argentina 

"Marcolina Dipierro", Zavaleta Lab Gallery, Bs.As, Argentina 2002  "Siluetaje", Sonoridad Amarilla, Bs.As, Argentina


GROUPS SHOWS (selection)

2016  "El pensamiento y la Materia", Cartuja de San Jacobo (Certosa di San Giacomo), Capri. Italia. 

“EPSILON. Abstracciones Descentradas.”, Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA), Argentina. 

“DDVXYZ” María Casado Home Gallery,  Bs.As – Argentina. 

2015  “Acuerdo formal”, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, / “About Line”, Espacio Kamm, Bs.As, Argentina 

BSM Open Studios, BSM Gallery, Bs.As, Argentina

2014   “Dirty Geometry”, Mana Contemporary, Miami, FL, USA  

“The Theatre of Painting”, Buenos Aires Modern Art Museum (MAMBA) 

“Cromofobia”, Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA) 

"103º National Salon for Visual Arts - New Media and Installations", Palais de Glace, Bs.As, Argentina. / "Subtropical affairs Agency", Salta Contemporary Art Museum (MACSA), Salta, Argentina 

2013   "102º National Salon for Visual Arts - Sculpture", Palais de Glace, Bs.As. , Argentina 

2012   "Subtropical affairs Agency", Space of contemporary Art (EAC), Montevideo, Uruguay 

"Group Show- Belongings", Casa de Cultura del Fondo Nacional de las Artes / "Last Trends II", Buenos Aires Modern Art Museum (MAMBA), Bs.As, Argentina 

2010   "docBSAS 2010 – Videos made by artists"/ "RAM", PROA Foundation (Contemporary Space), Bs.As, Argentina 

2009   "Rigor and structure", Fondo Nacional de las Artes / "Glowing fiction – Marcolina Dipierro and Julia Masvernat", Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires (CCEBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2008   "LXII National Salon of Rosario", Rosario, Argentina / “Premio Platt 2008 ”, Isidro Miranda Gallery, Bs.As, Argentina "MiArt 2008", Castagnino+ MACRO (Videoart collection), Milan, Italy / "Projections", Le 19 Regional Center of Contemporary Art of Montbéliard, Montbéliard, France.



2018  Residency at StudioTomáz Hipólito. Lisbon.Portugal

2017  “Bienal UNASUR” Rosario, Sta. Fe Argentina and Getulio Vargas Fundation- Río de Janeiro, Brazil / “Concurso del Fondo Nacional de las Artes”. Bs. As. – Argentina / “Concurso Nacional del Banco Central”. Argentina. 

2016   “Fellowship Lucio Fontana” / “11° Concurso Nacional Artes Visuales UADE”, Bs.As –Argentina. 

2015   "V Andreani Foundation Award"/ “Premio Itaú Cultural de Artes Visuales, 6th edition”, Bs.As –Argentina. 

2014  “Premio Itaú Cultural de Artes Visuales, 5th edition”, Buenos Aires –Argentina. 

2013   "Premio Concurso Igualdad Cultural"/"IV Andreani Foundation Award - 48 contemporary artists" /  

"Fellowship: Fondo Nacional de las Artes"/ "XVII Federico Klemm Foundation Award for Visual Arts", Bs.As, Argentina 

2012   "XVI Federico Klemm Foundation Award for Visual Arts", Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2010   "MAMBA Telefónica Foundation Award, 6th edition", Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2009   "Scholarship FONCA - CONACULTA" Artist Residency Scholarship granted to Latinamerican/ Haitian artists in México, Mexico City, Mexico. 

2008   "El Levante Residency/ Exchange Program", Artist Residency Scholarship granted to Argentine Artists, Rosario, Argentina